Most Craved Does Video Games | E3 2016 and Warcraft!

It’s a HUGE week for the video game industry, with a high-profile movie currently in theaters and the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) making headlines all over the world. And of course, Most Craved is here to guide you through all the biggest developments in gaming.

First up, WarcraftThe adaptation of Blizzard’s massive video game series has earned terrible reviews in America and seems to be underperforming at the box office, but overseas – and particularly in China – Warcraft is raking in the big bucks. What the heck is happening? Are Americans just not big Warcraft fans? Are we looking at a serious paradigm shift, in which movies that completely tank in the U.S. can still turn out to be massive blockbusters?

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And then, E3! What the heck is Project Scorpio, and does its existence mean that you don’t have to buy an Xbox One S? And what about the games? Does the new Spider-Man game for PS4 kick-ass? Is the Norse mythology-based new God of War the right direction for the series? What the heck is Detroit: Become Human? And what else have you missed?

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