E3 Brings Nostalgic Arcades Into Your Home With Arcade1Up

For those of you who missed the arcade generation, it’s not too late for you. Arcade1Up is supplying us with an updated version of one of gaming’s all-time most nostalgic experiences: a 16-foot arcade game. While you may be attuned to the idea of throwing your controller against the wall when you die, Arcade1Up offers you the opportunity to once again shake a towering, oversized arcade like a vending machine that just ate your dollar.

E3 showcased some of the company’s games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel Superheroes, but none is more famous than the infamous Mortal Kombat. Arcade1Up also teases a special announcement on the way, but for now, you’re able to get more than one game in a console, and it fits perfectly next to the refrigerator (the take-home is only 4 feet tall).

Your lady will be so thrilled.

Cover: Greens87 (Getty Images)

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