E3 Developer Enklu Takes Virtual Gaming Up a Notch

Many of us grew up running ourselves ragged for hours with Mario Kart, but now E3 developer Enklu is putting the Kart before the Mario, so to speak. After hosting a section at the annual gaming convention that invited in other developers to showcase their augmented reality inventions, Enklu themselves were amazed at what they saw. So instead of playing Mario Kart, there was a guy on a race kart bringing the digital experience to life. Take that Tesla!

But more than that, this system brought by Enklu allows users to be more present in both their virtual experience and with their surroundings, meaning they can make eye contact and communicate with other gamers instead of stumbling into strangely-placed houseplants.

The same virtual gaming experience was used to show football quarterbacks how to better move on the field before lacing their spirals. While gaming continues becoming all too real at E3, we’re just hoping they don’t try this with Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Cover: David McNew (Getty Images)

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