Chubbies: You Shall Not Pants


We don’t quite know what Chubbies is best at: making shorts or tag lines. Chubbies slogan, “You Shall Not Pants”, makes us want to say, “Well, Okay”, and subsequently devote our lives to pants-free existences. We are immediately transported into a world of endless beaches, shackle-less bank accounts that never deplete and a daily itinerary of laying in the sun and/or playing oceanside Frisbee. 

At first glance – and this would have to happen some place other than their incredibly well curated e-store – you might think Chubbies is a joke. They look like shorts your pops would (or did) wear about 20 years ago. The style is simple – like a good ol’ pair of “trunks”, and they come in patterns and colorways the biggest dreamboats of the 80’s (in the 80’s) would give two thumbs up to. Or rather, an eccentric high five that consists of an ankle-kick, a backward kick, a fake-high five, then a pass-by low five that only those  who really know what’s up understand what we’re talking about. #kidsofthe80s.

But Chubbies has found great success in taking something super simple, namely shorts, and has done them so well that styles regularly sell-out. This happens so frequently that we almost have to recommend: if you see them and love them, then buy them. This fact isn’t all too surprising as the designs do speak to individuality.

Into repping Texas poolside? They can accommodate. Getting ready for that Grateful Dead reunion in summer 2015? Here are some shorts for you. Have a friend who’s nightmare is working at the board of trade? Torture him with these.

To quote another Chubbies original, “Shorter Shorts = Less Fabric = Smaller Environmental Impact”. While we don’t know if we can vet their principles on environmental living, we do know that the company holds steadfast on great customer service, free shipping & returns, and some morals. All shorts are made in the USA, they are dedicated to helping with the unemployment rate (no matter how low it is, it’s concerning), and giving back to veterans. 


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