Need a New Wardrobe? Try This Menlo Club Membership Is On Sale For Over 80% Off

Quarantine not only hacked your social life, but it also gave you a complete and utter dad bod. We’re not body shaming, we’re just saying your clothes that predate 2020 are looking a little snug. It’s time to up your wardrobe game again and take vaxxed and relaxed to an haute couture level with the Menlo Club Shipment of Limited Summer Items.

So, what is Menlo Club? Just like your favorite food box subscription, Menlo Club brings you a versatile men’s wardrobe to pick from monthly, quarterly, or whenever you need it.  Featuring a ton of different selections from designers like Five Four, New Republic, GRC, and Melrose Place, this subscription site offers high-class fashion without the Paris prices.

In terms of what you’ll get with this $29 deal, you’ll be stocked up with two shirts, two pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes and socks for whenever it is you’ll have the opportunity to go out and be stylish again (or maybe it will be something that pairs well with your favorite mask). Getting the vibe right is simple, all you have to do is take a super short quiz about your everyday style, get the results, and then unlock a room of clothes fully curated to your taste (which is much different than your bedroom closet filled with shirts your mom picked out for you in the sixth grade).

Once you’ve made your matches, you can also opt to join the Menlo community and unlock exclusive membership perks for later purchases, as well as get a steady stream of gear and swag delivered straight to your door on a consistent basis, so you never have to make a department store run again.

Get the Menlo Club Shipment of Limited Summer Items, which will includes two shirts, two pairs of pants, a pair of socks, and a pair of shoes for $29 ($175).

Prices subject to change.