Ashley Greene Is A Saint

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From Nina: I met Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene at the Orlando airport today. Joe was a sweetheart even though he seemed angry about something. Ashley was a bit of a snob! I asked her to take a picture of me and Joe with my camera and she said ‘You don’t want one with me? Uh what?’ and walked away from us. He apologized to me because of what she said and someone took the picture for me. Let’s just say, Twilight will not get my money again.

Ashley Greene is very pretty, and this girl in this picture not, so it doesn’t take a investigation to see that this girl is lying. How can pretty people lie? I met this hot chick a bar once and she said she couldn’t give me her number because she probably couldn’t get service aboard the spaceship that was taking her to her missionary trip to Endor. When she gets back, I’m really hoping we can catch a movie or something. She seemed really into me.