Comic-Con 2015: Dirty Deadpool at the Fox Panel


There was some question as to whether or not the film would be rated R or PG-13. The trailer answers that question with a resounding ‘fuck.’

20th Century Fox debuted several teaser trailers in the gigantic Hall H at Comic-Con yesterday evening, none of which are yet available to the general public (although there are plenty of bootlegs and video captures floating around the internet already). The most hotly anticipated was probably Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as the naughty, self-aware antihero last seen (and, according to most fans, inappropriately re-purposed) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The trailer depicted Reynolds kicking ass and cracking wise in what looks to be a bizonkers film. And, for the fans, an on-screen complaint from Deadpool that his superhero outfit should not be green. Or animated. 

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Deadpool is unique in the superhero universe, in that he recognizes that he’s in a comic book. He has a metaphysical self-awareness that was very much in vogue in comic books in the 1990s (there was a glut of comics at the time, and many have said that stories weren’t very good, so superhero satire was plentiful). After 15 years of high-profile superhero films (and 16 years since Mystery Men), Deadpool looks to be taking the piss out of the genre in spectacular fashion. 

As for the re-use of a character that was, according to so many, mishandled the first time he appeared on screen, 20th Century Fox seems to have a self-aware sense of humor about that too. The panel was introduced with the phrase “from the studio that inexplicably sewed his mouth shut.” Class.

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