Talkin’ Sex With Skin Diamond

I spoke to Skin Diamond, Scottish-raised alternative porn actress with a cool haircut and a wild streak, about… err… porn. Well, what else were you expecting us to talk about? Haggis?


CRAVE ONLINE: You star in Revenge of the Petites. What kind of character do you play in the movie?

SKIN DIAMOND: I play the cynical tomboy of the movie, I'm one of the teen outcasts of the film in the beginning, who then rises to the occasion and becomes cool!


What was your favourite scene to shoot in the movie?   

That’s a hard question! My favourite sex scene was probably when I fucked Katie St. Ives with an ice-cream scoop… that was weird. I’m always down for the weird shit! Acting-wise, the carwash scene was probably the craziest because it was in public. There were cars going by honking their horns and we were all in our bikinis being ridiculous (laughs).


Before you went into the porn industry you were a model for lucrative designers such as Louis Vuitton. What made you make the decision to go into porn?

I always modelled in an erotic way – even when I modelled for Louis Vuitton I was nude in the shoot. I’ve always been a sexual person so I kinda felt like it was the next step. I just felt drawn to the world of sex!


You have a very different look which helps you stand out among the other actresses in the movie. How important is it to stand out in the porn industry?

It’s pretty important to be as unique as possible, because there’s so many girls in industry who are all trying to make a name for themselves, but to be honest I never really tried to stand out – I’ve just kinda been a weirdo my whole life! Growing up in Scotland, I had pink hair and I was the only girl of colour in my entire school, so I’ve always stood out. I'm used to it now.

When I’ve interviewed other porn actresses, such as your co-star Marie McCray, they all seemed to not particularly enjoy doing more hardcore scenes. Is shooting hardcore scenes something that you’re personally comfortable with?

I’m really comfortable with shooting hardcore scenes. In my first porn experience I ended up doing my first girl on girl, boy on girl and my first anal scene all in one week…


…busy week…

I’ve always been an exhibitionist I guess!


What’s the most hardcore shoot that you’ve done?

The stuff I shoot for (a hardcore porn site featuring LOTS of bondage) is probably my most hardcore stuff because it’s very, very heavy BDSM, but I can take a lot of pain so they like to use me a lot.


Is there anything you’d ever be unwilling to do on camera?

The only things that I don’t do are cream-pies (the act of a gentleman ejaculating into his lady-friends vagina and leaving it there) and… err… I dunno, I’m kind of just up for anything! I don’t do double-anal (the act of two gentleman inserting their penis into the anus of one of their ladyfriends) or double-vag (you get the picture) or anything, though.


You’ve got your boundaries.



What kind of guys do you go for in your personal life?

I like dorky guys, especially if they have tattoo’s and are into bikes and extreme stuff. I like feeling that I’m with someone who is adventurous. I crave adventure. I also like guys that make me laugh… and having a giant cock helps, too (laughs).


Do you find that guys are intimidated by you because of your career?

(Sighs) Yeah, it sucks… I’ve had that my whole life, though. I guess I just have a face that looks pissed off all the time. I’ve always been hard to approach, and it sucks because I’m so shy when it comes to approaching people…


Shy?! What?!



I don’t think I’d ever think of a pornstar as someone who is "shy". 

I’m the type of girl who will give him the eye from across the room, but I’ll wait for him to come to me. I guess I’m old-fashioned (laughs).


Have you had many people recognising you on the street for your work in porn?

Yeah! When I moved the removal men recognised me, and a guy who was installing my internet recognised me. That was the worst.


Have you ever had a moment where you’re walking along and there’s an old guy on the opposite side of the road with his wife, and you know that he recognises you from porn but he doesn’t say anything?

Yeah, yesterday actually. I was out getting a burger and I tweeted about it, and then some guy messaged me saying “I thought that was you, I wasn’t sure because you were dressed so conservatively!”


As if you were going to be dressed in all leather?

Yeah, I was like “oh hi!”


Is there anything in porn yet that you haven’t tried that you would still like to try?

I would like to do more domination work. I also wanna do some more scenes with more than one guy, because I’m greedy.


What’s your favourite part about being a porn actress?

There are so many things I love about my job. The fact that I get to dress up all the time, and travel to new places and meet crazy people and do things I would never do otherwise. Yesterday I was riding on a motorcycle and then I went straight to being mechanic. I would never have done that if I wasn’t in porn – I’ve never welded anything before!

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