This Driver Got A Parking Ticket Because His Permit Was Hidden By Snow

Photo: Westhoff (Getty)

Imagine coming back to your parked car to discover that you have been slapped with a parking fine for not having a parking permit. You’d be pretty upset, right? Now imagine coming back to your parked car and discovering a parking fine even though you had a permit, it’s just that the damn snow had hidden it. Well that’s exactly what happened to Oliver Claxton, of Chester Green.

Claxton had the situation of having his parking permit hidden by snow on his car’s windshield, and because of that he got a £70 ($96.70).

Photo: Derby City Council

The 30-year-old man said he had never moved the permit from his car, so he has now challenged the fine from Derby City Council. Here’s what Claxton had to say:

“I thought it was odd because if I wasn’t displaying it I would have got a parking ticket every day because I had left my car there while I was in London. I was thinking what could it possibly be that meant they couldn’t see the permit on this particular day? When you go on the website they have the photographs they took and the reason the permit wasn’t visible was because it had snowed overnight and the windscreen was covered in snow. I just laughed. It was ridiculous.”

Photo: Derby City Council

And Derby City Council say they are now investigating:

“We’re not able to comment on individual cases but we are looking into the challenge and will be responding to the individual directly soon.”

So what do you all think? Should this poor bloke had gotten a parking fine? These days cops want to write out tickets for the most absurd reason, so I’m not surprised he got a ticket, even if he obviously didn’t deserve one. But we want to hear your thoughts!

h/t Daily Mail

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