This Family’s Viral Christmas Card Is The Saddest (And Most Relatable) One We’ve Seen

Photo: Artfoliophoto (Getty)

Some folks can deal with being single, but then the holidays roll around and you are reminded just how single and miserable and alone you truly are. But not to worry, because you aren’t the only one, and one family made sure to let everyone know just how single a member of their family is. Keep reading and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Emily Seawright’s family, like a lot of families out there, decided to take a photo for a Christmas card. So what was their set-up? Well they were each going to hold up a sign. In the photo there is: one set of parents, holding up a sign that says “Excited,” one who are “engaged,” another who are “expecting.

And then there’s Emily, who is holding a sign that reads, “Emily.” How depressing is that? Check out the tweet below shared by Emily, a tweet that has gone viral.

So Emily’s family couldn’t think of a better E-word? Poor Emily. And a lot of people on Twitter can relate to Emily’s single-hood.

Good luck, Emily.

h/t Sommecards

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