Animal Memes to Help Jump Start Your Day

Some of the best memes on the internet are animal memes. People love taking pictures of their cats, dogs, monkeys and even alpacas in situations where they behave like humans. Why is that funny? Who knows? People are the strangest of animals. Maybe these memes act as reminders of how poorly we’ve evolved over the years. In order to find the right answer, you need to carefully go over all the memes in this article and come to your own conclusions. Have we really distanced ourselves from these natural creatures or are we basically the same? Crave Online gives you a chance to meditate to animal memes. Where else can you get that?

Rats with Wings



Pigeons are among the most hated birds in the world. It’s not just the fact that these flying rodents (used to) carry diseases like the plague that killed millions back in the days. The main problem is actually their crappy attitude. They love spreading feces around town, crapping on anyone and anything. This is one of those animal memes that perfectly capture their vicious nature. A Batman-like pigeon is perched on top of a building, searching for his next victim in this unsuspecting city. How many people do you know that behave like this?

A Panicking Dog


We move on from that hideous flying vermin to something that is often referred to as a man’s best friend. Sure, dogs are loyal and all, but they can be a bit clingy at times. As countless animal memes show, stress is not something they can cope with easily. This owner came back home to his beloved pet only to find that he had trashed the place completely. We all have that someone in our life that keeps screwing up but we love him still.

A Slow Friend


What is slower a snail or a turtle? It’s one of those ancient questions no one dared answer but this brave little meme. This snail that has somehow climbed onto a turtle is absolutely terrified by his reckless driving. What this meme is trying to convey is that snails are actually much slower than turtles in a somewhat funny way. Yes, memes can also teach you things. As for the human analogy – well, we all have that one slow friend, don’t we?

A Cat Life


Cats are probably the internet’s most popular animals because of all the shenanigans they pull. However, most of the time, they’re photographed doing something cute, funny or human-like. Since you already know these animal memes have a bit more philosophy to them – this one is also a bit different. Here, you get a chance to see cats in a whole new light. As this cat observes a little bird bathing, you can’t but imagine your old creepy neighbor in his place. A dead ringer, right?

Breaking Cat


Let’s continue this action of demystifying internet cats by showing the world what they really are. Here is a seemingly cute little cat just helping out her owner with the meal. What the annotations reveal, though, is that this cat is actually a drug manufacturer, coaxing the unsuspecting woman into making a powerful feline drug. It is something like a cat’s version of Breaking Bad, just more upsetting cause it’s real.

Pure Evil


Why not end this series with a final conclusion that most cats are essentially evil and don’t really deserve to be presented as cute on the web. Here is a rare photo of an extremely evil feline specimen that not only hates humans but also works actively on destroying them, one by one. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even if it means crushing a tiny human baby in its crib. We really need to do something about it.

Bonus Animal Memes

Here are a couple more animal memes just to keep you occupied at least until the lunch break. Take a look at these shameless puns, joke attempts, pop references and more.






Which one of these animal memes is your favorite?