Chicago Uber Driver Thinks NFL Player Wants To Go To Buffalo Wild Wings, Ends Up Driving Him To New York

Northeast America at night in 2012. Photo: Planet Observer/UIG (Getty).

Thanks to apps like Uber and Lyft, you never have to drive home from a night out on the town. Drivers will take you from the bar to your mom’s house for a reasonable fee, reducing the risk of drunk drivers being on the road. Thanks, Silicon Valley.

Getting home is now just a few taps away, and drivers are more than willing to get you there quickly. But if you live far away, it might be a good idea to give your driver a heads up. It seems when Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright was in Chicago, he didn’t make it clear to his driver that when he said “Buffalo,” he didn’t mean he wanted wings. Nope, he meant somewhere much farther away.

Chicago Uber Driver Takes NFL Player From The Windy City To New York

Hadi Abdollahian picked up Wright with the full intention of taking him to his destination. I mean, B-Dubs can’t be that far away, right?

“He told me Buffalo and I thought he meant Buffalo [Wild Wings] grill,” Abdollahian told The Washington Post. “So I said, ‘Yeah, for sure.'”

Well, Wright wasn’t hungry. Instead, he wanted to be taken all the way back to Buffalo, New York, where he plays for the Bills. The driver wasn’t about to leave his passenger stranded, so he made the full trip of over 500 miles. Wright even posted a screenshot of it on Twitter.

Props to Wright for giving Abdollahian five stars. Oh, he also gave him a $300 tip. A bills sponsor also matched what Wright spent and gave it to the driver, which sounds like the whole trip was worth it. Cha-ching!

Looks like the Bills have a fan for life now. The team still sucks, though.

h/t Sports Illustrated

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