Saudi Prince Could Give Zero F**cks, Books A First Class Plane Ticket For Each Of His 80 Hawks

Photo: bmse (Getty)

Let’s hope the cleanup crew got paid time-and-a-half after this thing landed.

According to Mirror, a Saudi prince who is nothing short of brilliant – and filthy rich, of course – found a way to sidestep the restrictions placed on falcon boarding – yes, falcon boarding – when he booked a recent trip on Qatar Airlines.

The airline apparently has a limitation on the amount of falcons you can have onboard when you fly in the plane’s economy section, and the rule goes something like this:

“You are permitted to carry one falcon on board the Economy Class passenger cabin of an aircraft, and a maximum of six falcons are permitted within the Economy Class cabin of an aircraft (country regulations may apply).”

Of course, that wasn’t going to work for this Saudi prince. I mean, he’s a prince for Christ’s sake, not a peasant. So he did what everybody would do if they made six million dollars every time they took a shit. Yup, he bought each one of those falcons their own first class seat. Take a look at the insane photo below thanks to Reddit.


Photo: Reddit

Funny. I don’t remember that being a verse in that “If I Had A Million Dollars” song from Barenaked Ladies, but maybe it has something to do with this guy being a billionaire instead.

80 hawks is better than whatever the hell you call this: Crazy Lady Gets Kicked Off Flight After Refusing To Put Her Dog In Its Carrier