Forget The Selfie Stick, It’s All About Taking Selfies With Your Feet

Screenshot: YouTube

People enjoy taking selfies anytime they get a chance. And that’s why selfie sticks are so popular. Well, they are mainly popular with tourists who want to take a photo of their entire group while in the middle of a crowded street. Yep! That’s the way to do it. But you know what? Even if selfie sticks aren’t your thing, perhaps you’ll be more into taking a selfie with your feet. Yes?

British inventor, Brent Jelley, wanted to take selfies but didn’t want to walk around with a selfie stick, which he claims are no longer “cool.” Wait, they were at one point? Well, what’s cooler than a selfie stick? A device attached to your foot. Check out the video below!

So the Selfie Feet allows you to strap your smartphone to either foot, and that connects to a hand-operated fob via bluetooth to snap pictures. At the moment you can purchase this if you want for $24.99. Now I don’t know how many people will be rushing to buy this, but here are some reactions from Twitter.

So, going to get yourself a Selfie Feet?

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