Watch This Kid In Norway Getting Off A Bus Narrowly Avoid Getting Smoked By A Truck

Screenshot: YouTube

Getting off the bus, walking behind it and then trying to run across a two-lane highway without first looking to your right. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

According to ABC 13, a Norwegian kid is lucky to still have a pulse after he gave that method a go and then nearly got smoked by a big rig that was hauling ass in his direction. I nearly crapped myself just watching the footage, so we’ll set the odds of this kid needing a clean set of drawers once he got back to his parents’ house at 3:2.

That’s just too close, kid.

Who knows? Maybe they teach kids things differently in Norway than they do over here. I for one knew four things after my first day of school. I knew that one plus one was two, the world was round, you’re not supposed to throw rocks at the teacher and you need to look both ways before crossing the street.

And if you’re the truck driver and see a school bus, slow the fuck down. If your shipment of cream cheese to the supermarket is five minutes late, they’ll live.

Let’s hope this kid learned his lesson and never tries whatever the hell that was again.

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