Angry Biker Boards Bus To Yell At Driver Then Gets Trapped As Driver Closes Doors And Drives Off

Screenshot: YouTube

There are so many vehicles and pedestrians on the road nowadays that it’s statistically impossible for shit not to happen.

Somebody might want to tell that to this motorcyclist who recently got so butthurt when a bus almost pulled out in front of him that he wouldn’t let the “non-accident” go and felt the need to speak his mind.

According to the Daily Mail, despite the fact that there was no collision, the biker wanted to have words with the driver so badly that he pulled his ride to the side of the road. The driver was more than willing to let that conversation happen, and he even invited the pissed off biker to board the bus.

A brief shouting match ensued, and that’s when the driver of the double decker London bus went into full “fuck it” mode, closed the doors on the biker and proceeded to drive off. Only after another passenger convinced the driver to pull over and let the butthurt biker out did that happy ending come to fruition.

Luckily for us, it was all captured on video. Get your popcorn ready, fellas, and heads up because this has some rough language.

We’re going to have to side with the driver on this one, as near misses happen all the time. Be an adult, go home and eat some mint chocolate chip ice cream and forget about it, dude.

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