Cop Throws Tantrum, Gives Dude Ticket For Honking At Him As He Sat At Green Light

Photo: Fox Searchlight

Remember earlier this week when we posed the question, “is it OK for a cop to illegally park in order to buy some pizza?” While we have another question for you: Is it OK for a cop to throw a massive tantrum if you honk your horn at him? Because that’s exactly what happened in an incident recently in St. Louis. The video below shows a cop in an unmarked police car get upset at a guy for honking at him as he sat at a green light.

Take a look at the video, but just a heads up that it has NSFW language.

Oh man, that cop needs a cup of Joe, because he clearly is in a bad mood. Who pulls someone over for honking at them at a green light? The dude who was pulled over, Scott Smith, told the Riverfront Times what happened:

“The light turned green and the car in front of me just sat there. So I honked once and he started to scoot forward, then just like hit his brakes real hard. So I honked again and he started to go forward and kinda threw his arms up, but wasn’t really moving, still just blocking the way. So then I just laid on the horn for a minute as he slowly crept forward, and then right as he got through the intersection he kinda pulled into the far left lane of Tucker.”

If this went down like Scott states, then the cop is clearly bonkers — Scott was never even told why he was pulled over. Here’s what the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department had to say in a recent statement:

“The Department holds its employees to the highest standards; therefore, we take any allegation of officer misconduct seriously. The Department has launched an Internal Affairs investigation into the incident you are inquiring about. At this point, it would be premature for the Department to comment on an ongoing investigation before it concludes.”

The Riverfront Times have also identified the cop in the video as Detective Steve Burle — an investigator with St. Louis’ Force Investigation Unit. So now we know that Detective Burle clearly has a few issues.

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