Robber In ‘Scream’ Mask Gets Thrown Out Of Store By Employee

Photo: Dimension Films

His first mistake was donning a mask that hasn’t been popular in over ten years.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there are tons of idiots out there who decide they want to enter a store and rob it. The only problem is they don’t stop being idiots so of course they fail. Just like the dude who tried to rob a gas station and got knocked out, or like the idiot who tried to rob a gym and got beat up by MMA fighters. And now we have to talk about another failed robbery attempt.

Police are looking for a dude in Oklahoma who decided to put on a Scream mask before attempting to rob a Dollar General store. That’s right, he was robbing a dollar store. The robber was caught on camera hanging around the entrance doors before kicking a hole in the glass in order to get in. Well, that plan went to shit when he’s thrown out by an employee.

Have a look.

What a fool. Police say the man was armed with a crowbar and yet he still failed at everything. As of today this dude hasn’t been caught but judging by that video he isn’t bright at all so sooner or later he will make another dumb move and get caught.

h/t KTUL

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