All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Goes Bankrupt After Running Out Of Food In Just Two Weeks

Overhead view people serving food at soup kitchen community dinner. Photo: Hero Images (Getty)

In a stunning upset, this story does not take place in Wisconsin.

A “hot pot” restaurant in China recently closed its doors, declaring bankruptcy only two weeks after offering an all-you-can-eat deal for just $25. What made this all-you-can-eat deal different from all others? You guessed it — 25 bucks was enough to buy you food for the entire month.

Oops, Suzie.

There was word many people shared their card with friends and family members. That’s one big reason behind Jiamener restaurant in the city of Chengdu is closing their doors. Another is that it’s obviously tough to turn a profit when you’re only getting $25 from a person who’s allowed to eat whatever they can fit in their stomach and intestines for 30 or 31 days.

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Reportedly, lines of more than 500 bent around the building and down the street every day, even past closing time. As a result, the month-long promotion came to an abrupt end just two weeks after it started. Now, Jiamener’s owners are bringing their business to an end because the promo left them more than $100,000 in debt.

Owners had hoped to gain a more dedicated following in terms of repeat business with the promotion. Sadly, they were left with no customers and no food. Unless, of course, you count the figurative dick sandwich customers were left holding upon realizing they’re going to have to spend more money elsewhere on food this month.

One owner also told reporters he and his co-owners aren’t good at management.

No word on if said co-owner’s name was Captain Obvious or not.