Spotlight | The Hill-Side Spring/Summer 2016

Founded in Brooklyn by menswear and fabric artisans, The Hill-Side is a family operation. Brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo set out to do something unique in 2009, and succeeded. Check out the line, and you may note that the garb looks good and appears to be well made; that the fabrics are sourced by premium suppliers and the lookbook curation is spot on. The aesthetic of “success” is obviously there, but so is the recognition. 

Last year, The Hill-Side opened their very first brick & mortar store in Williamsburg, NYC. It was the same year that they were named GQ‘s Best New Menswear Designers in America 2015. Out of all the clothiers in the country, these guys took the coveted spot. Putting their designs and manufacturing under the microscope, it’s apparent why this is a well-deserved title.

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First things first, the team here isn’t just a master of one product. The Spring/Summer 2016 line is incredibly diverse and features thoughtful shirts, ties, Japanese selvedge denim, chino twill coats, boatloads of accessories and footwear

Next, it’s all about what your product is made of and where it’s made. The Hill-Side sources their fabrics from only the best, with tees made of 100% natural cotton, paired with desirable selvedge denim and hand dyed materials that truly are pieces of art. Everything you see is made in the USA and Japan. 

Start with a little, or a lot, The Hill-Side is a menswear line that can and would be happy to outfit you for years to come. All the goods are available online, as well as at their Brooklyn flagship

The Hill-Side Spring/Summer 2016 Collection:

All images courtesy of The Hill-Side