Three Emerging Women Photographers You Should Know

Monroe, “solo six”.

Last month, De Re Gallery presented Photo Femmes, the premier exhibition of Los Angeles photographers Bojana Novakovic, Ashley Noelle and Monroe Alvarez. These women, having never shown in a gallery before, nevertheless engage with distinct themes with issues that range across identity politics to social issues to sexuality. We spoke with De Re Gallery proprietor Steph Sebbag on why he chose these three fine art photographers for his gallery, and he gave us the cliff notes on what makes each artist a photographer to watch.

Three Emerging Women Photographers You Should Know:

Ashley Noelle 


Ashley Noelle, “June 25, 1963”.

“Ashley was able to transport us back to LA in the 1960’s, using existing LA icons that are still around from that era and with her model and muse Gigi Hadid.  As we look at her work, we are immediately brought back to what LA was like over 50 years ago, even though they were shot today.  That is not an easy thing to do.”


Monroe, "SOLO One"

Monroe, “solo one”.

“Monroe creates the perfect nude self-portrait in the most breathtaking and raw environments. She uses no assistants. She is all-alone. As a true artist, she somehow impossibly creates the perfect portrait. As she poses out in the horizon with her perfect landscapes, she creates a raw poetry that I’ve never seen before in fine art photography. She does this in the spirit of Cindy Sherman, with the aesthetics of a Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts and Avedon. What I find beautifully ironic about Monroe, who is the child of a photographer and a famous model, is that she becomes both in her artwork.”  

Bojana Novakovic

Bojana Novakovic, "Girl in Rice Field".

Bojana Novakovic, “Girl in Rice Field”.

“Bojana is a creative genius. She’s an actress, writer and a producer. She has never been classically trained as a Photographer, but with her camera she sees and captures moments in life like I haven’t seen in a long time. Her images are not staged or art directed.  She simply snaps what she sees. With her trip to Nepal, she captures such iconic images of the people, landscapes, and yes goats, that you actually stop believing that this is just a regular moment in time. They feel like paintings and portraits that will live on forever in our consciousness.” 


Images courtesy of the artists and De Re Gallery.