Camp City | Pick Up This Gear & Put The City In Your Rearview

Photo: Parks Project.

Taking a reprieve from the stresses of city life couldn’t be any easier. Simply snag some new, camp-ready goods that are necessities for hanging out beneath the tress, pack them up in your car and hit the road. Bonus points if you’re up for an adventure by way of public transportation. Just pack light, get on a bus or hit the train, hop off at a place near a state park, and live off the land (and those granola bars stashed in your pockets).

Come equipped with some scout’s honor, and make sure to leave your camp or trail exactly as it was, if not better than you found it. Make it a point to pick up trash, properly put out fires, and don’t feed the animals! While you’re at it, you should probably look the part.

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Luckily, brands like Topo Designs have taken to modernizing the straight-forward yet classically cool looks of campers from bygone eras. Try the Climb Shorts, to feel like you just got your latest merit badge, but pair with this anti-work tee (and a PBR) to show you really know what camping’s about. 

No matter how you mix and match the pieces featured here, we bet you’ll not only manage the great outdoors just fine, but prove that street style spans far outside the city limits.