Camp City | Military-Grade Gear for Awesome Outdoor Adventures

Photo: Steve West (Getty Images).

When your outdoor adventures mean more than starting a campfire within eyesight of the SUV and drinking a few beers as you BBQ, the necessary equipment for survival becomes mandatory. Embracing nature is all about being ready for the unexpected. That’s no easy feat, especially when you are planing to trek to parts unknown. All that gear has to be effective, durable, and light enough to carry.

It all starts with shelter, and the age old debate of size versus weight. Your planned carry-along might be the best in the marketplace, but is it realistic to tote it up the mountain or into the woods with you? The Ghost Sky 2 Tent by Mountain Hardware is made with Featherlight NSL poles to reduce weight, but still offer solid stability, making it an ideal option as your home-away-from-home.

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Once you have your temporary housing set, it’s key to light the facility, navigate your new stomping grounds and keep your tech devices charged. Keep everything illuminated with the Venture 20 Solar Recharging Kit by Goal Zero, and the FD41 Focus Flashlight by Fenix. Also, in the event that anything goes wrong during campground set-up, it’s imperative to have some tools on hand. The Ultimate Survival Tool by SPARtool is impressively dynamic, offering a saw, pick, hammer, bottle opener and shovel all-in-one.

Since getting out in the wilderness is more about being on the move than being in one spot, you’re going to want to pack up all your equipment and hit the trail. To do so, make sure you have breathable but tough boots (like some American made ones by Danner), lined with quality socks and a stand-up hoodie that is so comfortable you’ll probably wear it long after you’re back home.

Wherever your outdoor adventures take you, whether it’s an overnight at the national park or a week out in the wilderness, there’s no substitute for being prepared. Pick up gear necessities made by brands that have already proven their capabilities, giving you the added security of knowing you’re equipped for the unexpected.




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