Camp City | Pitch a Tent this Winter

Photo: Ascent Xmedia (Getty Images).

Winter camping can be incredibly relaxing, and get you some much needed fresh mountain air. Being successful at embracing the outdoors during the cold months just means being especially mindful of packing the right equipment. At the top of the must-have list is getting a 4-season tent that will keep you warm even if it’s frigid and windy. Try the Tarra, by Hilleberg Tentmakers. It’s dome-like, light, highly portable, and resilient to the conditions, making it the perfect 2-person hideaway.

Inside, make sure to pack adequate ground cover. Putting some space between your bodies and the cold base is essential to staying warm throughout the night. Start with a footprint that protects your tent floor from the wet or cold ground, like the FP Mountain 25, by The North Face. Next bring along some substantial winter sleeping bags, like the HyperLamina™ Spark 35, by Mountain Hardwear. Finally, just to be overly prepared, bring along an additional heated blanket to layer on top of it all, or snuggle up with fireside. The Puffee Heated Blanket, by Rumple, heats up with the touch of a button, and can charge your mobile devices.

Wherever you head for some much needed solace outside of the city, be well equipped, plan, and shop in advance. Remember to bring your favorite flannel, a good beanie, a versatile knife and all the essentials for an overnight stay in the woods.