Camp City | Time To Un-Hibernate

Photo: Aleksandar Nakic (Getty Images).

Getting out into nature is an amazing experience at all times of the year, with each season offering different rewards. Venturing into the great outdoors to camp during winter is not for the feint of heart, but if you’re well prepared, it will not only be quite enjoyable, but an incredibly relaxing break from the constant chatter of city-dwellers complaining about the cold temperatures.

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What do you need to make it through? Since you already brushed up on your fire-starting skills last year, you’ve got that down. To enjoy the fire bring some light, packable chairs to sit fireside, plus camping cookware to mix up a nice dinner. To keep the body warm, focus on layers and key accessories to stay comfortable – like an insulated neck warmer. And lastly you will need a 4-season tent, along with ground cover to keep you off the cold floor, and blankets to snuggle in.

With the right equipment, camping, even when it’s a chilly 10 degrees out, can be a rewarding time away from urban life.