Camp City | Spring is Calling!

Photo: Morsa Images (Getty Images).

If you missed out on the fun and adventure of a spring break, it’s not too late to take a reprieve from city life and find some rest and relaxation away from the apartment. Nature is calling: go camp! Grab the best new goods in the market to make your trip safe and comfortable. Make sure you have protection with you (you’re headed to the woods after all), along with a wide variety of clothing for any kind of weather, and all the key ingredients to make a warm, cozy place to lay your head at night.

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An easy-to-pitch tent is incredibly important, and we really like the Coleman Hooligan 4-Person Tent, both for it’s function and it’s name. Inside of it, lay down the Kamp-Rite King Size Sleeping Bag that’s extra, extra warm. If the weather is mild, just use it for a base layer. Wherever you go, go well-prepared. A check list with all the essentials is necessary, and what you don’t have, you’ll find right here: