Camp City | Diversify Your Landscape

Getting excited for fall isn’t all too hard if you’re a fan of long-sleeves, longer nights and pumpkin spice lattes. We embrace two of the three, which makes the idea of leaving the city (and the lattes) for the less traveled paths incredibly enticing. The sun may set a little earlier, but all that means is that we have more hours to burn the campfire, and the late night oil, with good friends.

Leave the apartment (but take your raw denim jeans, like those by Ball & Buck) as you get a little reprieve from the bright city lights in the great outdoors. Being a master-camper isn’t the goal. It’s more about having the smart necessities, and looking like you’ve been doing this for years.

It’s dark, you need light: get it with the Sparkr Flashlight & Lighter by Power Practical. It will not only light your campsite, it will also light your fire. Talk about convenience.

While you might have previously needed to rely on the smoke from that fire to mitigate mosquitos, in a world where Zika exists, you need something more advanced. The Halo Repeller by Thermacell provides odorless, invisible and continuous protection from mosquitos. Just don’t put the cooler too far away.

And since this is quite the cozy environment you’ve established in the great outdoors, and one that you may not want to leave even after the vacation days are done, you might as well stay respectively connected with a good podcast or some NPR. Stream your favorite listening content on rugged, pint-sized, waterproof, high frequency speaker. Sounds good.

Wherever you’re headed, be it one of the great national parks or the campground you hung out at during youth (and you’re ready for some nostalgia 20 years later), get it together with the right gear, cheap beer and we wholly recommend disconnecting, if only for a night.