Warner Bros. Brings Hogwarts Express to ‘Making of Harry Potter’ Tour

Already London’s most successful, movie-themed tourist attraction, the Warner Bros. “Making of Harry Potter” Studio Tour isn’t resting on its magical laurels. Instead, the attraction added one of the movie series’ biggest and most prominent settings.

Fans of the dominant book and film series know all too well that the beloved main character heads to wizard school aboard the Hogwarts Express. The train and its set-dressed passenger cars are now on full display at the Studio Tour.

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The Studio Tour opened in 2012 in time for the London Summer Olympics and continues to draw Harry Potter fans from around the world. The attraction employs the very same sound stages used to shoot the film series, so the lovers of everything Hogwarts end up walking in the same steps as the movies’ stars.

The tour is a free-flowing affair, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace and to focus on favorite moments, sets, costumes, artifacts, etc. This reporter is admittedly not a Potter fan. I’e never read these particular books, and I think I’ve seen three of the movies. However, even a neophyte of the arcane arts like me can admire the craftsmanship that went into everything made for these films.

If you’re a Potter fan more than a broom ride away from London, you can check out some sights form the tour in the gallery below.

Photos by John Scott Lewinski, courtesy of Warner Bros.