A New Harry Potter RPG Could Be In Development From Warner Bros.

A new Harry Potter RPG could be in development from Warner Bros. Games, if a job listing posted by the company is any indication.

Warner Bros. posted a listing on its careers page stating that the company was looking for a Senior Writer for Avalanche Software’s story department, who had a “deep understanding of British culture.” Avalanche has mostly been responsible for games based upon movie franchises, such as Disney Infinity and Toy Story 3: The Video Game, while Warner Bros. was previously responsible for the distribution of the Harry Potter film series before striking up a deal with NBCUniversal.

The deal, valued at around $200 million, will bring the Harry Potter movies to NBCUniversal’s cable networks and boost attendance at its theme parks, with the seven-year contract beginning in 2018. However, Warner Bros. still owns the rights to publish Harry Potter video games, with the company previously publishing the mobile game Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World.


Despite the job listing not featuring the Harry Potter name, its reference to “franchise representatives” indicates that the game will be based on an existing IP, and with very few requiring an understanding of British culture this makes Harry Potter the most likely contender. The listing reads:

“Warner Bros. Games Inc. seeks a Senior Writer for the Avalanche Story department. We are looking for a talented storyteller with a deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation. Applicants should be creative self-motivated problem solvers who enjoy collaborating with other writers and designers to create an immersive game narrative. If this is you, send us your resume and writing samples (both humor and drama represented) for consideration.”

Another listing posted on its careers page is seeking a Senior Environment Artist to work on an “exciting new AAA project” with Avalanche, posted just over a week before the company’s call for a Senior Writer. This separate listing seeks a 3D artist to develop a game using Unreal Engine 4.

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This is all speculative and Avalanche has not directly stated that it is working on a new Harry Potter RPG, but reading between the lines certainly points towards a role-playing adventure for the boy wizard. With Warner Bros. on the hunt for developers to work on the game it will likely be a while before we hear any more information pertaining to it, so Harry Potter fans should temper their excitement for the time being.

(H/T NeoGaf)