Pride & Groom | 6 Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Photo: PeopleImages (Getty Images).

As guys, most of you are probably aware at the sheer amount of work that women put into their looks.  Hair done, nails did is the very least of our problems, but we know you guys can appreciate the waxing, preening, lasering, etc. that ladies do. But what about the men?!  Men, too, are expected to be groomed but in a totally different way.  In 2016, it’s not just a “shower and go” type of situation, so we put together this list of six grooming mistakes that you MIGHT be making. Let this be your first and last warning.

6 Grooming Mistakes Men Should Avoid:

1. Cologne Overkill

crave_editorial_grooming_header_header_r01Guys, repeat after me: one-two spritz, and that is IT.  You don’t need to drown yourself in enough cologne or after-shave to kill a small animal, ok? And, if you’re going to apply, use one of these.

2. Bald Denials

Balding sucks but, truth is, a lot of men go through it and the longer you deny that you’re having some hair issues, the worse it’s going to get.  Do yourself a solid and grab yourself some Rogaine stat and just address the issue like the man that you are. IT will help! 

3. Skimping on SPF

SportSunscreenHeader-642x362No one wants skin that looks like old leather and, of course, no one wants skin cancer either.  You may think it’s “girly” to wear sunscreen, or you “don’t like the smell” or “you have naturally dark skin,” or whatever. Just know that these are all terrible excuses not to protect your body’s largest organ (your skin). For suggestions, check out a shortlist of the best sunscreens.

4. Not Trimming Your Nose and Ear Hair

Doesn’t it suck that as we age our metabolism slows down and we start to grow hair in places that we never grew hair before? Yep, adulthood. No one wants to see hair growing out of your ears or nostrils, so just make sure you stay on your trimming game. We like this duo trimmer from the Sharper Image.

5. Not Grooming Your Beard

ShavingHeaderIf you read this site regularly, then you’re probably already well-versed in the fine art of beard grooming, but just a reminder to make sure to trim, groom, clean, etc. And if you need some help upgrading the ol’ toiletries cabinet, here’s some of our favorite beard grooming products

6. Chapped Lips

No one, I repeat, no one likes to look at and/or kiss chapped lips.  It’s not hard. Just carry around some lip balm of choice.  We like Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm because it’s not shiny or glossy and it does the trick.