The Quin Hotel New York: Location, Dignity, Respect

The streets of New York offer a mix of culture and chaos, music and machinery, community and cockiness — adding up to a cacophony that can overwhelm the local, let alone the gentle traveler.

If that traveler has the budget squared away for a luxury stay in Manhattan, they can choose accommodations based on a philosophy of sophistication, respect, dignity and attentive service.

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Set on real estate of inestimable value on 57th and Sixth Avenue, The Quin Hotel overlooks Carnegie Hall, The Russian Tea Room, Tiffany’s and The Pond entrance of Central Park. Regardless of which of those attractions catches the eyes of the hotel’s guests, it’s the world inside the Quin’s front door that matters.

From the moment the doorman pulls open the portal and you’re within The Quin’s quiet, warmly lit lobby and lounge space, the outside world of Big Apple chaos disappears. Everything is light music, muted colors and refined professionalism from the desk staff to the bell crew.

That cultured, subdued energy remains focused throughout the hotel from its workspaces for traveling business people to the guest rooms. I had a two room, two bath suite overlooking Sixth Avenue as it interested with the park. This is still a New York property, and the rooms are not sprawling unless you hop up in lifestyle and resources to The Quin penthouse. But, I had plenty of room to be comfortable and to feel completely within my personal space.

One tricky aspect of hotel service that many venues struggle to master is the balance between effective or attentive care and intrusive or hovering attention. The Quin mastered that mix. No matter what request the traveler might have, the staff handles it with the same vibe of concern and efficiency. However, if you wish to be left alone, you will be. In the hotel’s materials, they call their service “urbane and intelligent.” That sums up the hotel, too.

It’s that focus on class and smarts that will keep The Quin thriving in a fiercely competitive New York hotel scene. It sits in the literal shadow of the 90+ floor Park Hyatt just up the block on 57th. Having stayed at both and enjoyed the elite experiences equally, there’s a more intimate charm at The Quin that a more massive property struggles to match.

A final arrow in the Quin’s quill is its Quin Arts program. The hotel wants to be a focal point for New York art and culture by holding special events throughout the year, while offering special exhibition and work space for a rotating cast of emerging contemporary artists.

The art series will continue to carve The Quin into the map for both art-minded travelers and New York locals always on the lookout for the next hot art epicenter.