CES 2016: WakaWaka’s #ShareTheSun Campaign Shines A Light On Energy Poverty

WakaWaka, makers of solar-powered flashlights and chargers, continue to build not just a repertoire of high quality useful gadgets, but a reputation for being a genuinely helpful global social enterprise. In tandem with CES 2016, the company has launched #ShareTheSun, an initiative to drive awareness and support for families caught in crisis whom may not have access to power and hence light.

Running until January 10, 2016, WakaWaka is making the selfie less about vanity and more about empathy — for every eyes-closed image hashtagged #SharetheSun on Instagram or Twitter, the company will donate one solar flashlight (up to 1,000 lights) to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to support families without access to electricity, from Syrian refugees to victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Waka_SharetheSun_735x1132(2)-INTERIOR“This issue has been close to our hearts and minds for years,” said WakaWaka co-founder Camille van Gestel. “WakaWaka’s giving partner, the International Rescue Committee, has told us that WakaWakas are the most valued non-food items in Syrian refugee camps, a lifeline, a means of communicating and connecting, and a source of light and empowerment for families torn apart by civil war and strife.”

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Safe, sustainable and clean, the company offers solar solutions that serve both developed and developing countries, including the WakaWaka Light ($39.99), which offers up to 80 hours of light after just 5 hours in the sun; the Power+, ($79), which is both a light and device charger; and the WakaWaka Base-10 ($179), which includes a 10 watt solar panel (4 x 2.5 watt), two LED lights, one battery pack, two USB cords and a rugged waterproof pouch, and is set to hit market in April. 

WakaWaka-Light-Children-Cambodia-INTERIORPerfect for outdoor adventures as well as indoor reading, all products all available at Waka-Waka.com. AND, for every WakaWaka purchased, one light is given to a family caught in crisis.