CES 2016: Vysk QS1 Smartphone Case Fends Off Voice Hackers

One strong, quiet theme coming out of CES 2016 was, put simply, “Folks like their gadgets and love staying connected. But, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up their privacy and security.” With stories of ongoing hacking and major corporations losing customer passwords and account numbers, consumers want to know their own communications and data are protected.

The Vysk QS1 Smartphone Case combines with an app and its own security network to make certain all calls made between Vysk users are encrypted and secure from potential eavesdroppers.

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When using the QS1 and the Vysk Voice App, the app acts as the dialer — connecting the call within the Vysk subscription network. Using in-house developed cryptography and firmware, the system allows a call between Vysk users while jamming both microphones (private and speakerphone) to any potential hackers or anyone potentially monitoring the user’s communications. Calls made on a Vysk device outside the Vysk network are less secure.



According to Vysk, their technology was tested by third party researches to confirm its effectiveness. The QS1 debuted in 2015 for the iPhone 5, but Vysk used CES 2016 as a coming out-party as iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 versions are arriving now.