CES 2016: Privoro Privacy Guard Brings Cyber Security to Smartphones, Desktops

While all of the drones, electric vehicles, flexible screens and 3D printing drew  CES 2016, there was another theme lurking quietly amidst the smartphone cases, bluetooth speakers and such.

Consumers are certainly looking to be entertained, informed and serviced — and most of the electronics on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center are en pointe there. But, there’s something else the public wants in the 21st Century Information Age: Privacy. Pair that with online security, and you have the goal of several companies on the CES 2016 floor. Privoro is looking to muscle in with their special phone cases and desktop protection units.

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Privoro is putting their own in-house technology to engineer products to provide three levels of protection against privacy intrusion and location tracking. According to Privoro, their devices protect what the user says, what the user sees and where the users go. A free app monitors the effectiveness of those privacy guards.

The new cases designed for smartphones have two components — a case and a cover. Together, they create a Faraday cage that makes the phone inside undetectable from cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots or via other RF sources — while allowing the phone to continue operating. Obviously, complete isolation from the tech world would render your cellphone little more than a paperweight.


The privacy guard for desktop computers is a small device that connects to the top of any monitor. Its Active Audio Masking technology jams audio microphones and blocks the computer’s camera using a shutter, protecting against audio and video surveillance. Removing the shutter and the device opens up the outside world again.

Such protection doesn’t come cheap, as the phone cases begin around $999, and the desktop unit sells for $499.