EZVIZ Looks to Capture the World Post CES 2016

EZVIZ made some noise last month at CES 2016, and it’s continuing to trot out new products with the focused purpose of keeping people tuned in to home or work no matter where on Earth they might be at a given time.

Specializing in private wifi-baed web cams for the home or small business, EZVIZ is looking to expand its lineup this year with home surveillance setups and action cams.

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The first product out the door for EZVIZ was the Mini – a wifi, cloud-based web cam that the user can stick anywhere via an onboard magnetic base. With the Mini, the user can follow any location remotely, or record the camera’s images via memory card.

We tried the Mini out for four weeks, tapping into it from different networks and monitoring spots indoors and outside. Function was consistent and reliable.


Of course, the idea of wifi based cloud camera is not a unique one. The Mini’s appeal has to come down to ease of use, reliability and durability. We can report no problems on the toughness front. As for setup, the log-in process registered through EZVIZ relies on the speed of your host network to work most effectively. It’s hit or miss depending on your end of the connection.

For CES 2016, EZVIZ announced an expanded product line to extend the company’s consumer reach. The latest equipment coming soon includes bundles of wifi cameras intended for security network and surveillance use.

However, the most intriguing gadgets headed out of EZVIZ have to be the new action cams (above). The One, Five and Five+ models offer 1080p, 4K 15FPS and 4K30FPS, respectively. All three models are wifi and Bluetooth capable and offer a 158 degree viewing angle.

Only time will tell if this latest challenger to the industry leading GoPro or Sony Action Cam will gain traction. If the One, Five or Five+ prove as tough as the Mini, they have a shot.


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