CES 2016: Brain ONE Offers First Smart Telemetry for Extreme Sports

Technology previously available only for professional racers is making its way to the extreme sports world via CES 2016.

The BRAIN One is a smart telemetry sensor designed for action sports. The portable device fits in your hand and attaches to any vehicle, helmet or apparatus without cables or wires. Inside sits a range of sensors, including GPS, a thermometer, a microphone, a barometer and a 9­axis inertial. That tech menagerie measures a comprehensive data package on multiple aspects of extreme sport performance.

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Using technology originally designed for professional racing to detect speeds, angles, G-forces and other phenomena, BRAIN One is set up so any extreme sports lover can get up and running quickly. A single button activates a recording session and sends data to an Android or iOS phone and a free app via Bluetooth. 

BRAIN connects to action cams and allows for modifications. The extreme sports devotee can adjust functions and reports to match mountain biking, motocross, skiing, go karting, jet skiing, snowboarding, etc.

According to BRAIN HQ, while such professional telemetry systems run from $1,000 to $30,000 in the racing world, BRAIN One will be available to consumers starting at $299.


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