Police Baton Sends Text Message To Mommy

Just how much of the police truncheon designed by Dmitri Morozov is tongue in cheek art and how much is a real proposal for reducing police brutality is anyone’s guess. But imagine the looks on the faces in the room when the Russian artist, also known as ::vtol::, first unveiled Antenna, a truncheon fitted with a GSM device that sends a text message to your mother whenever you use it to hit someone. As for the text message, it reads “Mom, I hit a man.”

Looking back at 2015’s widespread accounts of police brutality and the unrest that erupted in their wake, Morozov ultimately sat down at his artist workbench and conceptualized a new piece of “art” with a social awareness campaign attached. Antenna is fitted with a GSM device so that every time the truncheon is used to hit someone it automatically sends a text message to a fixed receiver, your mom.

antenna-INTERIORAccording to Morozov, the idea is simple. If nothing else it will compel police to consider what is appropriate use of force. The mere suggestion of their mothers being texted every time someone is hit will certainly force them to think about their actions. Nothing like the dreadful thought of dear old mom scorning you for being a bully.

“The idea of the project is to create a device which strictly controls the cruelty of police. As all the standard methods of control are ineffective, this project suggests maternity as the last stronghold of human kindness and responsibility.”

antenna-INTERIOR2As for the baton itself, it detects vibrations and forceful impact. When the two are registered they are synchronized with the GSM device that automatically sends the text message to mommy dearest.

“I’m not an activist, but I do think art could help…raise awareness through irony.” For more of Morozov’s design ideas, check out his instant photo gun or musical instruments.