Top Gear: China Is Sending Jaywalkers Fines Through Text Messages Thanks To Facial Recognition

Photo: stnazku (Getty Images)

China continues to be ahead of the game and this time around they are using facial recognition to send pesky jaywalkers fines…through text messages.

According to MotherBoard, Intellifusion, a Chinese artificial intelligence company has partnered with popular Chinese apps like WeChat and Sina Weibo in order to send text messages to jaywalking offenders as soon as cameras bust them. And this will come after a CCTV camera scans the offenders face and puts it up on a huge screen in public for all to see.

The text message to offenders will include a warning as well as information about the fine for violating the city’s jaywalking rules. Motherboard was unable to determine when these changes will go into effect.

Since implementing the devices, Chinese traffic police have identified nearly 14,000 jaywalkers at a single Shenzhen intersection alone, according to the South China Morning Post. Moreover, Chinese officials claim that the devices have lowered the number of jaywalkers in the city.

China plans to roll out a national social credit system by 2020, which will keep a record of citizens’ violation of laws and directly affect their ability to do things like get a loan or get hired for a job. According to the South China Morning Post, devices like the jaywalking facial recognition system will be part of this network to keep track of the number of jaywalking violations and change a person’s social credit score accordingly.

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Well damn, it certainly sounds like China is really tightening up their security — especially when it comes to extremely “serious” crimes like jaywalking, an activity that thousands of New Yorkers enjoy partaking in everyday.