Vision Quest | Smoke x Mirrors

Designed in New York and handcrafted in France, Smoke x Mirrors merges style, quality and old school craftsmanship in sunglasses that you wouldn’t expect to be referenced to as “old world.” The reality is when you make things by hand, some might think that you’re going about things in an antiquated way. By all means, innovation usually means factory lines and mass production. But if you want something to be good, to be detailed and to be perfect, you do it slowly and by hand. 

While the Smoke x Mirrors sunnies are built with intent, the design is as modern as we can imagine. Shade designs are unique, come in unexpected colors (like forest green frames or purple-mirrored lenses), and often have a feel of an upscale 70s vibe. All the styles are pretty androgynous, so fair warning, expect the girlfriend to want to steal these. 

Photos: Smoke x Mirrors