Vision Quest | Shadetree Glasses Are Eco-Awesome

What is a guy to do when he leaves his sunglasses on a bus in New York City, sets out to replace them and realizes the marketplace is filled with underwhelming options that are bad for the environment? Start a company. This is the exact situation Nick Sancilio, founder of Shadetree Sunglasses, found himself in when he decided to build a brand.

The FDA estimates that in 2014, Americans purchased over 300 million pairs of sunglasses. Over 91% of them were made of petroleum-based plastics, equating to almost 80 tons (160k pounds) of plastic that will ultimately end up in landfills. The next time you leave a pair of shades in an Uber, on the train or accidentally sit on them,  just remember – if they become trash to you, or someone else, they are going to rot for years in a landfill.

Think about a new way. Shadetree Sunglasses are handcrafted from responsibly-sourced wood, making them an eco-friendly choice. With attention to design, and a focus on a diverse product line, there is truly a pair of shades for everyone hoping to look good and feel good  doing it.

All images courtesy of Shadetree Sunglasses.