Brixton Presents ‘Restitched’ Using Salvaged Fabrics & Materials

Brixton, the hat company we have come to love not only for their accessories, but increasingly for their ability to deck us out head to toe, is taking a stab at ‘limited edition’. From staple flannels to flexible pants (you can skate in those right?), this label has expanded to release comprehensive collections every season. But while Brixton has become a household name that keeps fans buying all their goods, they still have their eye on what really matters: creating high quality hats, with great attention to detail, and this time – they’re going to do it by only using salvaged fabrics and materials

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The results are coveted, and available in incredibly limited quantities. What does that mean? If you like that hat, get a move on, because there are only five of them that exist in the world. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. These hats are nothing other than collector items, but ones you will not want to put on a shelf in your entertainment center, but rather wear on the regular. 

Images courtesy of Brixton.


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