Spotlight | Brixton: Men’s Lookbook, Summer 2017

Brixton‘s summer collection has everything we’ve come to love from the brand. For starters, even though the clothing is all about the warm-weather months and features plenty of boardshorts, tees and relaxed surfwear, the brand has never been just about the beach. The Summer 2017 lookbook features the Brixton boys and girls getting around the city doing everything we all do, not just skating and surfing. From road-trip adventures to chilling poolside, the brand knows how to realistically upgrade your summer wardrobe.

At it’s foundation, Brixton was a hat company, and we’re always pleased to see the focus isn’t leaving the accessories department any time soon. Dad caps, beanies, fedoras and highly recommended tailored caps fill pages showing off the most recent line up. Additionally, Brixton has released technically advanced shorts (that wick water, dry fast and pack into tiny little packages) and a diverse mix of short-sleeved tees, button-downs and tops that are dripping with the universal appeal of SoCal attitude.

All images courtesy of Brixton.