Grammys Style | A Tribe Called Well Dressed

Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images).

The Grammys took place last Sunday, as artists, their entourages and thousands of fans flooded the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. While there was plenty to talk about – from James Cordon’s hosting, to tallying the many awards won by Adele (and betting on how many times she would tout Beyonce), or questioning if Lars Ulrich’s mic was deliberately set to mute – the evening proved eventful. One performance especially stood out, and it was when hip-hop legends reconvened to play a few hits, make an undeniable political statement and give a nod to a lost member.

A Tribe Called Quest, along with Busta Rhymes, took the stage with no lack of presence. While the message may be more important than the look, we couldn’t help but notice the group’s impeccable style, and it only aided in their powerful delivery. With a military undertone and a focus on hyper current trends like cropped dress pants and bomber jackets, their style game was on.

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