Watch Of The Week | Timex Weekender Chronograph

Photo via Joshua Annis Brow.

Timex has revisited the classic military watch and made it affordably accessible for all sorts of active men. For a brand that has evolved through the years from being your Dad’s watch to your watch, it hasn’t lost a step in growing with the times. They’ve reinvented cool at a fraction of the price. So is it worth your hard-earned dollar? 

We’ve peaked under the hood and we can say very enthusiastically yes. This oversized chronograph comes with a suede strap, robust enough to say “masculine” and classy enough to say “gentleman.” And it couples that sense of cultivating the modern man lookbook with a sense of functionality: INDIGLO night light, water resistant up to 30 meters, and a multifaceted dial.

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What sets this watch apart from the other stylish chronographs on the market? Timex imagines an affordable watch that is as versatile as it is inexpensive, and thus provides the possibility to change your NATO strap from one look to another — one strap purposed for a more classier affair and another for the laid back set. 

Timex implores you to “wear it well,” be it for casual or dressy occasions. The interchangeable straps clock in at 18, 20 and 22mm, all purposed with a stainless steel buckle. The 38mm dial will look fashionably smart paired with your business suit or robustly rugged with your t-shirt and jeans. Timex is giving you the liberty of changing the way you imagine your watch by changing its strap with each look you wear.

Remarkably enough for those of us building a solid watch collection, the Weekender sits well in the company of luxury watches. While it is dramatically less expensive than some of the other timepieces you may have on hand, aesthetically it holds its own for its seductively low price, making it a contender for our list of best men’s watches under $500. In fact, the the Timex Weekender Chronograph is presently on sale at Target for under $50!


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