Best Art Galleries in Miami

Miami is all about culture and there is no shortness in this bustling city. Whether you are in town for Art Basel or Ultra Music Festival, there are plenty of art galleries worth a visit. When it comes to the visual arts, the art galleries of Miami host a variety of work. Whether you enjoy impressionist or realism, you’ll find it in our picks for the best art galleries in Miami.

Best Miami Art Galleries

Art Fusion Galleries – Wynwood


Wynwood is the meca of art in Miami so it’s no surprise that it’s home to a number of beautiful galleries, including Art Fusion Galleries. It was even named the Best Art Gallery in Florida thanks to its eclectic offerings. At any point in time you’ll find work from hundreds of artists, showcasing Miami’s diversity. The galleries are proud to display work from artists located all over the world in a variety of styles and mediums.

Bakehouse Art Complex – Wynwood

Photo: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

What looks like not more than a sprawling white factory in Wynwood, is actually home to the Bakehouse Art Complex. This sprawling center features work from a number of resident arts like Mike Rivamonte, Rafael Barros, and Monique Lazard. That’s not to say they don’t see plenty of touring exhibits as well. The center even features special events and classes to bring out your own inner artist. Find out about printmaking, mental sculpture, and more at this wonderful gallery.

Gallery Diet – Wynwood


Gallery Diet is kind of the epitome of the gallery concept. Stark white walls, open rustic space, and tons of art that your parents probably would never understand. Whether it’s the beautiful sculpture work or the stylized painting, Gallery Diet is the temporary home to modern art from various artists. Don’t miss their unique offering of art exhibits.

Wynwood Walls – Wynwood

Photo: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Located in the Wynwood Art District, you’ll find a space known as the Wynwood Walls. Not too long ago, artist Tony Goldman decided to turn the sprawling factories of the area into giant canvases for street art. Now, onlookers get a foray into the world of graffiti art with bright colors and self-expression for everyone to see.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery – Town Square

Photo: Diego Singh/Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Known as a cutting edge gallery, Fredric Snitzer is a leader in the contemporary art scene. You’ll find a variety of hip and edge art designed to showcase the inner tortured artist. It’s all about expression and this Fredric Snitzer gallery is not short on any of it. The namesake artist has become a mentor for local artist and continues to support artistic expression.

Perez Art Museum – Town Square

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

No discussion on art is complete without mention of the Perez Art Museum. Located downtown at the waterfront you’ll find some of the areas finest exhibits. You’ll get exposure to historic works of art and the latest in modern work from local artists and touring displays. Enjoy the pieces inside or step outside to the beautiful sculpture garden.

Do your mind a favor and take the time to expose your eyes to the stunning work on display in the Wynwood Art District and throughout other art galleries in Miami. You’ll find an array of tantalizing work for your mind to enjoy.

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