Davio’s Manhattan Turning Japanese with Steakhouse Ramen

A successful New York restaurant like Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse can do perfectly well playing it safe and sticking with what it’s done well for a while. In Davio’s case, they specialize in elite steaks and gourmet Italian dishes.

But, lately it’s been a surprising turn to a Japanese dish that’s brought in new faces in on Sunday nights. On those evenings, Davio’s went adventurous and introduced Steakhouse Ramen.

Obviously, while discussing a ramen dish headed our way from the likes of Davio’s, we’re beyond the bowls slung at any number of mom and pop noodle bars around the five boroughs, not too mention the pre-packed messes college kids survive on from the darkness of their dorm rooms. 

Davio’s Steakhouse Ramen offers homemade noodles in a rich, dark broth stewed from roasted bone marrow, ginger, scallion, onion and brisket. The broth is simmered for a full day. Once Sunday night rolls around and it’s time to carry steaming bowls out to the packed confines of Davio’s, the ramen is topped with slow cooked spiced brisket, Japanese Okonomiyaki mushroom, thinly sliced white truffle, toasted nori, truffle oil, a boiled egg,  and scallions.

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Enjoying a full bowl of Steakhouse Ramen is a sensual eating experience, and you should reserve the right to dine free of the etiquette you’d normally show in a restaurant of Davio’s caliber. When it’s gourmet ramen in front of you, you’re allowed to slurp. You’re allowed to drink from the bowl once you’ve enjoyed the blend of noodles meat and vegetables.

It’s not dignified. It’s not prim and proper. But it’s a proper expression of deliciousness, and I doubt Davio’s will throw you out on the street with a smile on your face.

To those insane few who have no soul and don’t enjoy a good bowl of ramen noodles, Davio’s offers its complete menu of fine steaks and chops, seafood and traditional pasta dishes on Sunday nights and throughout the week.

However, it’s not recommendation that you slurp your steak. The fringes of etiquette only stretch so far.