YES | The Hot Wife: Starring Emilie

Yeah yeah I know, Summer’s over, but I miss it. I like winter, but we all know summer rules. Not only do I miss the beach, but I dig these photos of my lovely wife, Emilie. Which is why I decided to do a beach spread. Lucky you.

So have a look, be jealous, and then let’s all get on with Winter, the holidays, fires in the fire place, good movies, and lot’s of good food. Oh, and while shopping for this good food, let’s try to avoid GMO’s while we still can. Can you believe those planet-destroying assholes are fighting to NOT have their mutant food labeled, as well as fighting for the right to call it ‘Natural’!?! Fuck Monsanto.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos. I know I will, and there definitely won’t be any GMO’s in what I eat tonight. xo

 Hot Wife, photo by Michael Hoerner.

Hot Wife, photo by Michael Hoerner.

Hot Wife, photo by Michael Hoerner.







Hot Wife, photo by Michael Hoerner.



Emilie photographed by Michael Hoerner.

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