YES | Life Is Beautiful, With Emilie

By leaving us with an intensity that has yet to be seen, David Bowie just showed us that the end can be incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Done with the class and style that David has shown us numerous times, he created a comforting sadness, as it was accompanied by an unbelievable amount of inspiration, lessons, and a very thankful and heartfelt goodbye. If you’re like me you find yourself thinking of David Bowie everyday, with a pulling at your heart and a wish that maybe it was some kind of mistake.

First the off-Broadway play Lazarus opened, then Blackstar dropped a month later. His parting music video is profound and extremely emotional to watch. Right from the opening line, tears come and a multitude of thoughts flood my mind – every time.

Seeing his giant smiles in what are described as the last photographs is hauntingly beautiful, as they show someone extremely joyous during what would seem a very sad and scary time. It’s obvious that David was very grateful for his time here, as well as for Iman and his children. I can only imagine the range of emotions they must feel now when revisiting these last creations. This final period will remain a very heavy and private extended moment for them, as over the last 18 months they knew exactly what we would only come to know later.

They shared these things with the world just 2 days before he left. 

There is no combination of words strong enough to describe the enormity of this incredible gift. 

David and Iman were partners in creating this beautiful and inspiring departure and I feel extremely lucky that I was here to see it.

Thank you both so much for this, the impact will never be forgotten.

Xo Michael & Emilie









Emilie photographed by Michael Hoerner.


Published every other week, YES is a column by New York based Photographer Michael Hoerner.   MichaelHoernerStudio@michaelhoernerFacebook