YES | I Dig Blizzards But I Dig This Dress More, Featuring Emilie

Dress by Top Shop, coat by Donna Karan, shoes by Qupid.

I love New York for many reasons: the culture, the energy, the food, the seasons… especially spring! It’s always obvious when spring is near because once the temperature rises just the slightest bit the clothing drops to a minimum. This works really well in Manhattan because it’s packed with so many good-looking people.

Now if we were in Middle America… Yeah, I said it.

I’m quite fond of spring in New York, it was my introduction to the city when I first moved here in ’91. Well, that and dinner at Christy Turlington’s place.

The seasons are so dramatic here that come April we’re dead sick of wearing layers. Which is why once the warm weather hits so do all the hot pants, tank tops, little dresses, flip flops, the occasional shirtless dude, and even more rare (but legal), the topless female.

In fact, New Yorkers are so psyched for warm weather that we become crazy at the tiniest hint of it. Last week it was in the low 50’s and people were walking around in shorts and spaghetti strap dresses while passing by restaurants that had their huge bay windows open trying to appeal to brunchers. I’m serious, we get so excited for summer that if it’s still cold we’ll just pretend it’s warm.

Kind of like this shoot, which took place on Thanksgiving weekend in East Hampton.

Yep, it was warm enough for this little dress… almost.









Emilie styled and photographed by Michael Hoerner.

See The Entire Shoot Here:


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