YES | Girl Power: Featuring Andrea

First off, Happy New Year! If you’re the type that makes New Year’s resolutions, good luck on not breaking them. I don’t make resolutions for the New Year, but I know one that should be taken on by all: how about not supporting an ignorant, misogynistic, wall-building, jackass racist as a leader! While it may be a false flag campaign, I’m appalled by the actual amount of supporters there are. It shouldn’t take much intelligence to see that a clown like this is bad for everyone.

Last year Margot Wallström, the Swedish foreign minister, denounced the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia, where common practice prevents women from traveling, conducting official business, marrying without permission from male guardians, and can be forced into child marriages where they are basically raped by old men. They were pissed. These dudes are so against people speaking out that they sentenced Raif Badawi ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for setting up a website promoting secularism and free speech. Jesus Christ! We’re not a Monarchy; we get to choose our leaders, sort of. So let’s choose to go forward and always look toward free speech and equal rights. And by the way, let’s lose the fucking guns already.

I think all women should be celebrated and treated as Princesses. Healthy or not, I’ve always put women on a pedestal. After all, life literally comes out of them, plus they’re way cooler than we are.

This shoot took place by way of me posting one day that ‘I need a new muse,’ which was followed by Andrea showing up a couple of hours later – thanks dear. Love that! It was the first time we’d ever hung out. We shot for 2 days, and I have to say it was one of my favorite shoots. Andrea has a great sense of humor, loves to laugh, was a load of fun, and enjoyed the Champagne and Grappa just as much as I did.

I chose this story, which encompasses 61 minutes of the shoot, as a celebration of the female, and as a nod to a private past moment. Do yourself a favor; go get some Champagne, a Tiara, and a special gift for your lovely woman. She’ll thank you now… you can thank me later.

Have a great 2016!

Thank you David Bowie xoxo















Andrea photographed by Michael Hoerner.


Published every other week, “YES” is a column by New York based Photographer Michael Hoerner.   MichaelHoernerStudio@michaelhoernerFacebook